News - Add a room to your home instantly with a backyard pod
Perfect for a kid's retreat, home office or yoga studio, the backyard pod could be the ideal solution for your family.
Perfect for a kid's retreat, home office or yoga studio, the backyard pod could be the ideal solution for your family.

Add a room to your home instantly with a backyard pod

Have you dreamed of having your own space? An area of retreat away from the main house that could be your home office, yoga studio, man cave, woman cave or just a quiet zone?

What if you could create a new space without the hassle and financial burden of a full home extension. Interested? The answer is a backyard pod, and it could be the solution that ticks all your boxes.

Backyard pods are an adaptive way to bring more flexibility into your home without an expensive renovation that, according to Ray White, can cost upwards of $34,000. Pods are often an open plan room, but can be customised to include a kitchen and bathroom.

Whether it's creating a home office, the ultimate glamping zone for kid's sleepovers, or just a quiet 'parent only' zone, the opportunities are endless.

According to Treena Drinnan, Chief Agency Officer at Ray White, a backyard pod also has the potential to add a unique point of interest to your property.

"Adding to the square metreage of your home and offering buyers a flexible space will give your property a real point of difference at sale time," says Treena.

"The extra advantage of a pod is that they can often be installed and removed without needing council consent," continues Treena.

With three different types of pods available, we investigate this innovative backyard solution and see how it could be the answer you've been searching for.

Need to know


With the smallest size available just five square metres, you don't need too much room to get started. Pods are usually custom built and require a lead time of around 4-6 weeks before they can be installed in your backyard.

Pods work much the same way as a caravan, so will need to be plugged into the main house's electricity. Most pods usually come with a 15-metre extension lead to do this.

Depending on the type of customisation to your pod, you may or may not need council consent. Usually if kitchens and bathrooms are involved you will, however a room only, won't require consent. It's best to check with your local council just in case.

Temporary solution


Like the idea of the pod so far but not quite sure? Or maybe you only need the extra space for a short period of time? There's a pod for that, too.

Ideal for creating extra room when the relatives come to visit over the summer, or if you are starting a new hobby and would like an extra room to work from, installing a temporary backyard pod is a great way to have more space in the short term.

From yurt-looking flat packed options to renting out a pod for as little as $150 a week, there are some great options depending on the space you have available.


Pod: Podlife and Kiwi Podz

Price: Podlife pods starts at $150 a week and Kiwi Podz start at $37,000 to own

Size: 15 metres squared and 14 metres squared

Best Suits: Those looking for a short-term solution, the Kiwi Podz can even be flat packed when you move and can be used for over 20 years if required!

Move with you


Wanting to move your pod with you? Perfect for renters or those looking to buy land in the future, some pods come attached to a trailer complete with brakes, so all you need to do is hook up your pod and off you go!


Pod: Podlife

Price: Prices start at $19,490, with the trailer add on

Size: 5 metres squared

Best Suits: The adventurous type who want the flexibility to move their investment wherever they go.

In for the long term


A permanent pod is a great long-term solution if you have a block of land you are wishing to set up as a holiday home or even rent for short term stays. Make sure you check council regulations, as you may need to get consent if you are including all the bells and whistles like a kitchen and bathroom.

Designed with the latest trends in mind, these pods are perfect for when aesthetics are important to you. To take your pod to the next level, you can even add a fully customisable kitchen, bathroom or design features like timber exteriors and vinyl wood look floors.


Pod: Eco Pod Concepts

Price: Prices start at $18,000

Size: 9.8 metres squared

Best Suits: The family who needs extra space without compromising on style.


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