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Resimac has undertaken a comprehensive review of the New Zealand mortgage market and it has determined that the competitive environment will remain restrictive for non-banks for the foreseeable future. As a result, from 1 July 2024, Resimac will cease accepting new home loan applications in New Zealand. Resimac has confirmed it will continue to service its existing New Zealand customers and any customers in the application pipeline.

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You can manage your home loan in the way that suits you, whether that’s using the online CustomerZone portal or via our new Resimac NZ app! Features and benefits available on both platforms include: a responsive and user-friendly experience; Pay Anyone functionality; support for one-off, scheduled and recurring payments; enhanced fraud protection security; and on-demand e-statements and transaction history.

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Manage your home loan via web browser
or our new mobile app!

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Over the last few months, the media has gone to town on the big banks, with stories of people being declined for mortgages over things like buying one too many coffees or spending too much on takeaway food.

It’s been widely reported in the press that the legislation introduced to protect borrowers had the unintended consequence of the big banks making intrusive inquiries into expenses – potentially preventing credit-worthy applicants from getting a mortgage.

At Resimac, we believe in finding customer-friendly ways to implement regulatory changes. Because YOU DESERVE BETTERER.

We developed a sensible method of assessing loans which complies with the new legislation while at the same time catering for your unique needs and situations. A recent review of the legislation has confirmed this method was perfectly valid, giving us a head start in making NZ mortgages borrower-first.

As residential property lending specialists, our sole purpose is to help you purchase properties, so you aren’t subjected to home loan ridiculousness.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Something as trivial as a morning caffeine fix shouldn’t mean an automatic home loan rejection. The press actually went to town on the big banks for rejecting borrowers over little things like too many coffees following changes to the CCCFA lending rules.

As one of the first and only lenders to utilise big data to benchmark expenses – an approach that has since been confirmed as perfectly valid by a recent review – Resimac has a head start when it comes to making mortgages borrower-first.

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