Variable home loans

We have a wide range of home loan solutions to help outside of traditional requirements. Our experienced Lending Specialists can help if you’re self-employed (Alt Doc), have a complicated financial setup, or have had credit issues in the past.

  • No monthly or annual fees

  • Weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment reschedule

  • Extra repayments at no penalty

  • Alt Doc only
    Self-employed for a minimum of 6 months

  • For loans up to a maximum of $1.5m

  • Online account access

  • Customer Benefits Program with discounts on goods and services

  • Specialist only
    Automatic rate reduction after 12 months of good payment history

Not all features available on all products. Please refer to product specs for additional information.


Wide range of home loan solutions

See if you qualify in less than 2 minutes.

Full Doc & Alt Doc Rates

  • Owner Occupied Rates

  • Investment Rates
Owner Occupied Variable Rates Full Doc Alt Doc
Under 70% LVR 3.39%pa 4.19%pa
Under 80% LVR 3.49%pa 4.19%pa
80-90% LVR 4.09%pa N/A
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Owner Occupied Investment Rates Full Doc Alt Doc
Under 70% LVR 3.39%pa 4.19%pa
Under 80% LVR 3.49%pa 4.19%pa
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Adverse Credit Rates

  • Adverse Full Doc Rates

  • Adverse Alt Doc Rates
Adverse Full Doc Clear Plus Assist
Under 60% LVR 4.99%pa 5.94%pa 6.04%pa
60-65% LVR 5.09%pa 6.04%pa 6.24%pa
65-70% LVR 5.19%pa 6.19%pa 6.49%pa
70-75% LVR 5.29%pa 6.39%pa 6.79%pa
75-80% LVR 5.59%pa 7.24%pa 7.69%pa
80-85% LVR 7.72%pa 8.91%pa 9.31%pa
85-90% LVR 7.82%pa 9.01%pa 9.41%pa
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Adverse Alt Doc Clear Plus Assist
Under 60% LVR 5.39%pa 6.04%pa 6.14%pa
60-65% LVR 5.49%pa 6.24%pa 6.44%pa
65-70% LVR 5.59%pa 6.49%pa 6.79%pa
70-75% LVR 5.69%pa 6.79%pa 7.19%pa
75-80% LVR 5.74%pa 7.69%pa 8.14%pa
80-85% LVR 8.30%pa 9.66%pa 10.36%pa
85-90% LVR 8.40%pa 9.76%pa 10.46%pa
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All advertised interest rates are available for new eligible loans and are subject to change. Your interest rate may differ depending on borrower category, security use and how much you borrow relative to the value of your property. Terms and conditions apply to all loan features. Final approval is subject to credit assessment. Application fee of $0. Valuation fee is at the cost of the valuation. Annual fee $0. Settlement fee $475. Discharge fee $495.

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