Holiday close to home this year

Your next getaway destination: New Zealand’s backyard


Tourism New Zealand’s ongoing "Good Morning World" campaign has rapidly become the organisation’s best performing campaign inspiring international travellers to book their next trip in New Zealand.

However, there was no foretelling of the pandemic that would bring the nation to a complete standstill. As restrictions begin to ease around the country, and the possibility of international travel restrictions for the indefinite future, the thought of a short break, getaway or even a mystery drive with the family sounds like a real treat.

We’ve prepared five tips to help you support the domestic economy and stretch your dollars at the same time!

Ensure your getaway plans are compliant


Before planning your getaway and packing your bags, you must check in with the government’s guidelines to ensure your plans are compliant. This is essential for the ongoing global efforts to flatten the curve of COVID-19, whilst also avoiding the possibility of a hefty fine for breaching the rules.

Book a staycation


You can support the local and domestic economy by choosing to book with local small businesses, including hotels, motels and caravan parks. Platforms like have a best price guarantee, don’t charge a booking fee, and offer free cancellation on many stays. Checking the cancellation policy for your booking is particularly important given the government’s guidelines may change, so you’ll have peace of mind, knowing your booking is flexible.

Many deals come with a free breakfast offering on an overnight stay, taking the hassle out of cooking and saving you some extra cash. Be sure to check out the T&Cs of any deal before you book!

Plan your own food safari


Most towns and regional centres host a regular market, where vendors come prepared with their most delicious locally sourced fresh produce, arts and crafts, baked goods and various other items. These local and independent traders often use markets as a primary source of income and rely on this business and patronage.

Produce sourced at markets is typically cheaper than at large supermarkets or retailers, so you’ll be able to save your cash to invest in other market finds! Another perk of shopping at local farmers markets is that you’ll always be able to find unique items and souvenirs, reminding you of your visit.

Explore the national parks


New Zealand’s beautiful landscape is unlike any other, we have 13 national parks and forests in all regions of the country. Exploring New Zealand’s national parks offers an excellent opportunity to spend time outdoors and enjoy a picnic in the fresh air. Many national parks are free to explore, though others require you to purchase an entry pass. You can save money by buying an annual pass offering you unlimited access to specified national parks. Check in with the national park website to learn more.

Depending on the region and time of year there are many national parks that you’re able to swim in and carefully play under running waterfalls. Similarly, many have basic and affordable camping facilities that can range in cost and site amenities, allowing you to star-gaze the night away. These camping sites can be booked online through the national park authority.

Invest in experiences


The sentimental might say "we are the sum of our experiences" and that our identity is defined by the accumulation of those experiences and lessons. New Zealand is a diverse country with experiences aplenty. Whether it’s snorkelling, milking cows, riding horses, surfing, hiking, kayaking and everything in between, there’s an experience for it in New Zealand.

Consider the experiences that you believe would add real value to your life and invest in them. By doing so, you’ll again be able to support small and local businesses and tourism service operators who have likely been doing it tough while also ticking something off your bucket list.


In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there is no doubt that the New Zealand economy has been hit hard. By holidaying close to home this year, we’ll be able to help the tourism industry and economy get back on its feet as soon as possible, while enjoying some R&R time for ourselves, too!

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