Protect your home from would be thieves this holiday season with some practical tips!

Home security for the summer holidays


By:  Leah Callaghan

5 ways to keep your home (and your presents) safe this holiday season

Whether it’s the Christmas holidays or a long weekend, the summer months are the perfect time for opportunistic thieves to take advantage of empty houses and expensive presents under the tree.

Here are five home security tips to keep your home (and your presents) safe and secure these holidays.

1. Make friends with your neighbours


Making friends with your neighbours can be a great way to have peace of mind while you’re away. An overflowing mailbox is one of the first signs a burglar looks for that a home is unoccupied, so ask a trusted neighbour to collect the mail for you.

If you’re especially friendly with your neighbours, you could ask them to water your plants and put out your bins, or just generally keep an eye on the house while you’re gone.

Even asking a trusted friend to house sit or booking a professional through a third party platform to look after your home while you are away can be a great solution.

2. Keep your gifts to yourself


Thieves can be tempted to break-in if they can see a mound of expensive gifts right in front of a window, so be careful where you place your Christmas tree! Also, be discreet when throwing away empty packaging; nothing tempts a thief more than the prospect of big-ticket items like TVs and video consoles ripe for the taking.

3. Let there be light!


The last thing a burglar wants is to be spotted when breaking and entering. That’s why it’s smart to install outdoor motion detector lights that are triggered whenever someone approaches your home at night. You could also set your outdoor lights on timers, to give the illusion that someone is home.

4. Install a home security system


If you don’t have one already, the holidays are a great time to invest in a smart system that will give you peace of mind while you’re away from home. Choose a system that will alert you via your smartphone or is monitored by a security company.

5. Take a break from social media


You wouldn’t paste a sign on your door saying ‘Gone for a week’, right? Believe it or not, burglars have social media too. Be careful when you post your holiday snaps; don’t include how long you’ll be away or how long the house will be empty. In the same way, try not to post about the shiny new toys you got for Christmas that are now sitting unattended in your home.


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