Adviser communication

The Resimac Adviser update includes our latest product and policy information, SLAs, interest rates and more.

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    We're committed to you and your clients

    Mar 2020
    I realise this month's newsletter finds us all in very changing and challenging times. While uncertainty around the outcomes of COVID-19 is in the forefront of our minds, the threat of an almost certain recession has become extremely real.
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    The year is already flying by — no need to wait for financials

    Feb 2020
    It's crazy to think we are already one month into the new year. I must admit, it is nice to have all the kids back at school though. I hope everyone gets some opportunity to make the most of the fine weather that's heading our way.
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    Looking forward to 2020

    Jan 2020
    I hope everyone had a great Christmas break and enjoyed some well-earned rest. Although, I am sure the tragic events of the Australian fires have not been far from minds, of which the magnitude seems incomprehensible; our thoughts are with them during this time.
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    Taking advantage of a growing housing market

    Dec 2019
    The spring housing activity has really picked up and thanks to our recently updated servicing template (available on the Resimac Dashboard) we've had countless opportunities to exceed adviser expectations by offering solutions at very comparable, competitive rates. Please remember, just because the bank says 'no' often doesn't mean the deal can't be done.
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    Your new source of news

    Nov 2019
    Welcome to the first of our new ‘Resimac Adviser Update’ eNewsletters. The Resimac Adviser Update includes our latest product and policy information, interest rates and more. Along with the Resimac Dashboard, you can rely on this as the source of your Resimac product information and other news.