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Specialist Lending needn't be complicated

RESIMAC Home Loans has streamlined our range of Specialist Lending solutions by simplifying the overall product offering and also made a series of product and policy enhancements to further improve customer value under this simplified product range.

So what's new?

We have simplified our Specialist Lending suite to just three products
  • Our products will now be called; Specialist Clear, Specialist Plus and Specialist Assist
  • Now only one level of credit impairment per product. The product essentially represents the level of credit impairment
  • See how easy it is to decide which product is right for your borrower:

  • Each product is available as either Full Doc or Low Doc, depending on the income evidence provided
Broadening of LVR Bands
  • To reduce the number of interest rates you have to review we are also broadening our LVRs
  • RESIMAC Home Loans now have just two LVR bands (≤70%, and ≤80%)
Policy Enhancements
  • Increased Loan Amounts
  • Expanded Acceptable Locations
  • Interest Only option available for an Owner Occupied and Investment Securities up to 80% LVR
Still maintained all those great RESIMAC lending solutions you know and love
  • Loans for self-employed borrowers with just 6 months trading history
  • Rates that step down with on time repayment history
  • No monthly / ongoing fees
  • Unlimited cash out to 80% LVR
  • Flexible income verification options
Customer Benefits
  • RESIMAC Home Loans customers get unlimited free access to to exclusive discounts on a wide range of products and services with some of New Zealand’s leading brands, including Red Balloon, Specsavers, MYOB, Europcar and many more!

If you would like more information on our flexible range of Specialist Lending solutions or a copy of our the updated Product & Policy guide, please call 0800 38 48 58.

'All credit applications will be subject to our usual lending criteria, terms and conditions. Fees may apply. Loans are for residential New Zealand property only. Non-resident loans may not be available in all countries and jurisdictions. Please contact us or a RESIMAC approved mortgage broker for further information
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