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Five ways to give your home a makeover


Purchasing a new home (your first or otherwise), can sometimes leave the budget a little tight for decorating. See our top tips to save your pennies without compromising on style.

1. Small changes can make a big difference


Adding small accessories and furnishings, like replacing couch cushions, can brighten up a room and make a space feel brand new!

Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Whether you choose a bold and bright pattern or a neutral tone, replacing the rug or cushions can change the feel of the entire room

  • Not only good for purifying the air in the home, a touch of greenery can add a spot of colour to a space and can also reduce stress and anxiety

  • A new lamp or refreshing light fixtures can brighten up the room in more ways than one! Be mindful that you match the shade or fixture size with the room

Check your local outlets and online sales for a good deal!


2. Buy items that have double duties


Save space and money by choosing furniture that has multiple functions. A coffee table can also be a storage trunk, or a sofa bed for your spare room can double as a second lounge.


3. Fill walls with memories


Save on wall art by printing a few of your favourite snaps of your travels, friends and family. Using different sizes frames will add personality to your home and can be fairly inexpensive. Walking past every day and seeing your favourite memories is sure to make you smile!

Adding photos can give a room personality.

Adding photos can give a room personality


4. Give furniture a second life


Ask family and friends if they have any furniture they no longer need or visit garage sales or online marketplaces to find second hand gems. It not only saves you money, but also helps the environment too.

5. Quality is important, even when you’re on a budget


Understand when to spend and when to save! If you buy a cheap screen door or coffee table but replace it within a year, it wasn’t a bargain. Quality, where you can afford it, will reduce your expenses in the long term.


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