Bring celebrity style into your home!

Bring the glitz and glamour of celebrity living to your home


Many of us love to follow in our favourite celebrities' footsteps, from adopting their fashion choices to taking on health and wellness advice.

To bring celebrity style into your home, you don’t need a Hollywood income. We look at design features found in some celebrity abodes that can easily be added to your house for a touch of everyday luxury.

Home gym


Chris Hemsworth is not only known for his movie career, good looks and love of fitness, but also his incredible beachfront home in the popular coastal town of Byron Bay in New South Wales. To keep up with his gruelling fitness regime when he’s not filming, Chris has an impressive home gym, rumoured to be a similar size to a standard commercial gym.

Although you may not need, or want, an extensive workout zone in your house, a simple home gym can easily be achieved so you can start working on your Chris Hemsworth abs.

Try setting up a small circuit in a spare room or the garage. All you need to get started are some hand weights, a skipping rope, foam roller and a mat to stretch out once you’re done. Install a wall mirror to keep an eye on your form!

Home cinema


Having a home cinema is a crucial feature when you want to avoid the paparazzi and enjoy your favourite flicks with the comforts of home. From plush lounges, to snack drawers, even celebrities love a quiet place to watch movies with loved ones.

Fortunately, a home cinema is easy to create at home. Whether you turn a spare room into a home cinema, or you transform your lounge room or backyard for movie nights, a home theatre is attainable for the average joe.

If you are kitting out a spare room, finding the perfect projector is a must. Ranging from $20 (for a small phone projector) to $2,000 there will be the perfect projection solution for your budget. Alternatively, you can always use your existing television and just focus on surround sound, an area for snacks and creating the perfect movie atmosphere.

The snack bar is an easy way to make your cinema experience a little more lux and is a favourite of Khloe Kardashian. Try using a butler trolley to hold your drinks and treats, or transform a side table by inserting transparent containers, each compartment filled with snacks. This little hack will have you feeling a million dollars in no time.


A luxury home theatre is easier to achieve than you think

Declutter your closet


To feel like you’re rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous, many of us would like to upgrade our clothes to create a closet to envy. While you may not have the budget to upgrade your look, you can take inspiration from your favourite celebrities by re-vamping your wardrobe layout.

Visibility and organisation traits are often seen in celebrity wardrobes. Jewellery, bags and shoes are laid out like art, and so you can easily see what you have, and assemble the perfect outfit with ease. In the case of Mariah Carey, her selection of high heeled shoes has become a feature of her room.

“The key to a standout wardrobe is clean lines and organisation,” says Sarah Carpenter, Australian stylist to local CEOs and celebrities.

“Celebrities and executives suffer from decision fatigue like the rest of us. To help ensure a fatigue free wardrobe, I hang everything in sleeve order on black felt coat hangers. Having easy vision of everything available will help take out the work from their morning routine.”

Using clear storage cubes to house your jewellery in draws or picking one style of coat hanger to create uniformity will elevate your wardrobe to celebrity standard.

Adding a statement chair in the corner of your walk-in wardrobe or bedroom, will complete the look. Aim for something with opulent finishes like brass or velvet and don’t be afraid to choose pieces that are a little unusual.


Start your day like the rich and famous with a well organised wardrobe

Wine room


Many celebrities consider themselves food connoisseurs, whether it’s flying in cheese from France, or dates from Egypt, they are often after the finer things in life. So it would come as no surprise that some also have huge wine cellars.

Rebel Wilson has a climate controlled wine cellar, while Oprah Winfrey is said to have a wine cellar that is more like a cave, spanning 17 meters in length. Although you may not have the space or budget to have a wine cellar of this size, you can still keep an impressive wine collection that will wow your guests.

The optimum temperature for storing wine is around 12-13 degrees Celsius. If you live in a split level dwelling, you may have a staircase, or an area under your house that is cool enough year round. If the area is enclosed, store your wine in the box it came in, or buy some wine racks. Making sure the area isn’t affected by light or vibrations of the earth, which can ruin the wine.

If you live in an apartment, or don’t have any space that is cool and dark, investing in a wine fridge could be an effective solution. A wine fridge can be relatively cost effective and come in a variety of sizes/shapes so they can fit nicely into the space you have.

For a wine collection that most sommeliers would envy, you may need a storage solution that can accommodate your needs. Joining a wine club is a great way to keep your wine in a climate controlled environment, without taking up room in your home. Wine clubs have the added benefit of handling the delivery of your wine orders, so you can focus on the bouquet and taste of your favourite drop.

If you are still keen on building your own wine cellar, you can find more inspiration here.


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